A SWOT Analysis of the Changing Industry Marketplace

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1.0 Introduction

The purpose of this report is to develop and understanding of the changing tourism marketplace and alternatives to mass tourism and the different problems associated with the delivery of different types of TL activities. Flowing from task 1, a Mystery Shop was completed on Skydive Ramblers Caboolture and a case study has been developed based on the special interest activity undertaken.
The report has two parts; Part A, which is based on special interest tourism and management and marketing implications that may be present, and Part B, which consists of the analysis of the data found through using the mystery shopping instrument. 2.0 Part A
2.1 Background

2.1.1 Definition and Criteria
Adventure tourism has grown rapidly in the recent years and has become increasingly commercialised. It can be defined multiple ways including when a participant is involved in an outdoor activity and confronts nature in order to experience risk (Walle, 1997), or where the principle attraction is an outdoor activity using specialised equipment (Swarbrooke et al.)
However, not all activities that occur in an outdoor setting constitute as adventure and adventurous behaviour does not necessarily mean visiting exciting places.
According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs (Maslow, 1954), people seek higher needs of risk only after lower level needs have been satisfied and are no longer a source of motivation. This means that adventurers are predicted to willingly ‘abandon

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