A Sample Letter Regarding Licensing of IPR

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Crisp Publishers Ltd. To: The General Manager. CC: Marketing Manager. Public Relations Manger. From: Market Research Representative. Date: June 15, 2012 RE: Licensing of IPR Bearing the increased demand for the publishing service, it is of necessity to work on venturing in the ST. Louis region and its environs for provision of the use and trade in our service mark. This is informed by the high demand and the great number of writers who come all the way to our main firm in pursuit of the services that we offer. The other reason behind the need is the fact that within the region, there are no stable publishing firms, not even one of our main competitors hence the need to establish our services within this region. One of the major ways of engaging his market is the liaison with an already established publisher within the region and allowing them to use our service mark at an agreed fee and terms of reference. This will allow us to settle within the region faster than if we started publishing without an introductory step as we are new in this market. This will give our firm time to settle and study the market trends within the region as well. This use of our mark with another young publisher will also be accompanied with the copyrighting of our products within the region and the market at large. There are a number of benefits that will come with the two approaches to this market of copyrighting as well as partnership with another firm to use our service mark. The

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