A Sample Letter for Out-of-Warranty Refund/Replacement Request

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ABC Air Conditioners 123 Broadway New York, NY 10022 January 31, 2012 James Smith 987 Maple Lane Edison, NJ 10671 Re: Out-of-Warranty Refund/Replacement Request Dear Mr. Smith: Your request of December 5, 2011 for a refund or replacement of your Model A-207 Home Air Conditioner has been referred to me. Unfortunately, we cannot offer a refund or replacement of your unit because, as you know, the warranty expired more than a year ago. Naturally, we are never pleased to know that one of our products has malfunctioned, regardless of whether or not the warranty has expired, because our goal is always to provide full satisfaction to all of our customers and because we stand behind the quality and reliability of all of our products. Please understand that the main reason we cannot honor your request is that doing so would not be fair to all of our customers who purchased an extended warranty at the time of purchase. We have reviewed our records and note that you declined to purchase the extended warranty that you were offered at the time of purchase, which would have extended full coverage to your unit for three years beyond the manufacturer's warranty, for a total of five years. Because we do understand your frustration and we value your continued patronage, I have been authorized to offer you a choice between two possible accommodations that we hope you will consider. We can issue a 25% discount coupon for a replacement unit or we can issue a

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