A Satellite Clinic Of Baltiwash Academic Medical Center

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Background Statement
A satellite clinic of Baltiwash Academic Medical Center (BAMC), located in the inner city, has an opening for a physician. The Director of Physician Relations for BAMC, Lincoln Hoover, is in charge of securing a suitable candidate for the position. He lists vacancy announcements online and in medical journals. After several months, the only person to apply for the position is Dr. Maria Teresa who has medical missionary experience. She provides necessary documentation such as resume, transcripts, letters of recommendations and authorization to work in the US. Dr. Teresa is hired. However, about a month into the position, the clinic is experiencing an unfavorable work environment. The staff and charge nurse Ester Johnson are complaining about Dr. Teresa lack of quality patient care and respect for the clinic staff. Charge nurse Johnson even makes the accusation that Dr. Teresa may not be a real doctor.
Major Problems and Secondary Issues
The major problem is that BAMC lacks a strong recruitment process for hiring and retaining physicians. Job postings should not remain stagnant for a lengthy time period, interviews must be conducted, and new employees must have a smooth transition into a corporation. An adequate applicant pool must be established. The first and only applicant that applies for a position cannot be the only one considered for the position. Applicants should have experience working in inner city communities.
Secondary issues include lack
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