A Scandal in Bohemia Essay

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Tammy Coleman Dr. Wilson The Bohemian Scandal In Conan Doyle’s short story “A Scandal in Bohemia” (1888), Sherlock Holmes can tell that the stranger possess great wealth before he speaks a single word. Sherlock Holmes analyzes everything when it comes to people. He uses their appearance, how they carry themselves, and what kind of objects they have on them. The author uses descriptive words to describe the way the stranger looked. This essay will prove that Sherlock Holmes is so observant of everyone, that he can tell who you are before speaking to you. In the short story “A Scandal in Bohemia” Mr. Sherlock Holmes receives a letter of the most secretive importance. In this letter, it was stated that the person is not to be…show more content…
A man with luxury would have an area where he can get exercise regularly and would be well nourished. Watson describes his clothing as rich but bad in taste. In many countries being gaudy is a sign of having wealth. It is a way of expressing that they have more money than everyone else. The stranger has bands of astrakhan on his sleeves. Astrakhan is fur from a young lambs coat. People with money tend to wear fur that no one else can afford. He was wearing a cloak with flame-coloured silk. Silk is a precious material that only the rich could trade for. His brooch had a single flaming beryl. A beryl is a gem, and gems were used as jewelry. The beryl was most likely a rare gem because Watson described it as a flaming beryl. It was intensely passionate to the eye. The boots were trimmed with rich brown fur. Notice that he did not describe the fur as just fur. He stated that it was a rich brown fur. As stated before, most likely an animal’s fur that is rare. The man had his face covered with a black vizard. The man was trying to hide his identity with a black vizard. Only someone who would be recognized would wear a mask. The man made sure that Holmes could not see his face because his hand was still raised to ensure it was covered. This was to ensure his identity was concealed. Watson described his face of having strong features and to have a length of obstinancy. The man knows what he wants and gets it. He has
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