A Scholarly Writing Sample As Required For The Ph. D. Program Admission Process

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Dadonda Maggett, Department of Psychology, Mesa Community College. This artifact is intended as a scholarly writing sample as required for the Ph. D. program admission process. It was produced inside of a five-week course, specifically, with more consideration for writing and research concepts than design. I would like to acknowledge the Psychology department at Mesa Community College for its approval of this study. I would also like to thank Dr. Edward Lipinski for his assistance in concepts of research methods and his advice on analyzing the data for the current study. Finally, I would like to thank the 50 participants who completed the online survey as partners with me in this research. Previous researchers have investigated the interrelatedness of task-performance, creativity, and problem-solving ability, as a concept. The current study sought to determine if perception and restriction levels correlated with these associated factors and to affiliate adults with young children. The hypothesis of the current investigation was if restrictions influence perceived problem-solving abilities, then those who prefer less restriction would score significantly different on a problem-solving inventory (PSI). The analysis revealed no significant difference in problem-solving ability for college experienced adults, who prefer less restriction. Future research might investigate the influence of decreasing restrictions and increasing the awareness of problem-solving concepts

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