A Scientific Discussion About Diet And Exercise For Health And Weight Loss

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Hello Ms. Zimmerman and agents of the Zimmerman Agency, I would like to introduce myself, I am James Clark. I came across your contact information through your website as an agent that might be able to assist me with getting a completed manuscript published. The working title of this book is "A scientific discussion about diet and exercise for health and weight loss. What we know… what we think we know…” This manuscript was previously examined by Pegasus Publishing, unfortunately, it did not move forward following a full review of the text. The reason provided, as explained to me was budgetary reasons. Upon following up with the submission editor, it was suggested that I reach out to literary agencies, as I was informed that they enjoyed the book and were consolatory in their inability to move forward with this project. Therefore, I am reaching out to you. The idea for this book is to produce a synopsis of what is understood in regard to the effects that diet and exercise has on overall improvements in health for people who are overweight or obese. Unlike 99.9% of all books on this topic, it is not a selective review of the information to forward a dogmatic agenda, or intended to be a marketing pitch for any particular program. The focus of within each section of the book is to present the science of the issues of being overweight and the methods utilized to lose weight based on what we know (have proof) works across the population, as opposed to the format that many

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