A Scientific Monitoring System

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Outcome Description We agreed that Janet was supposed to email us the finalized results of what we agreed on, but she never did. Thus, the following information is from the pictures that I took from the blackboard (the single-text that we agreed upon), and what I remember from my notes to fill in the gaps: For Issue 1 we agreed on Option 1, which was to “maintain and enhance the water supply”. This option ensured that it would be a top priority to maintain the flow for existing diversions, as well as making sure that no further harm happens. It is important to note that we agreed to add a “scientific monitoring system” to ensure that there is still a pollution limit. Furthermore, we agreed to have some storage monitoring in place. If the…show more content…
Much like the last option, inclusivity was also agreed upon; all of the parties involved agreed to be a part of the local commision, as they will be developing joint research studies and monitoring. It was concluded that the commission will manage any land and water that would be acquired through leasing, purchase of transfer of title. My Strategy A continuous process, I assessed the various conflict styles, as well as how each individual role conflict style would interact with the styles of the other parties involved (which I will expand on in the next section). It was important for me to also assess my own style in relation to my role and any predetermined bias (considering my individual background) that I might have. This meant that my own environmentally conscious views could not influence the way in which I negotiated when representing the Irrigators group, as they were pushing for things such as more water to produce food and crops. Being aware of this helped me assert my interests when the other parties would try to sway for other options (which happened often). There were only a few cases where I built coalitions with Pat and Chi. Aside from that, the coalition forming and grouping happened more amongst the others. Because of my directing type behavior in this negotiation, I believe that I was able to advocate more vocally than the others at times
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