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A SCOPE AND ASPECT OF JUST-IN-TIME SNEHAL DAVKARE (fx5014) SUJASWA SUHAS JOSHI (fx1904) VINOD KUMAR RANGANATHA (fx8982) Wayne State University Industrial and Systems Engineering Detroit, Michigan ABSTRACT Just-In-Time is a set of values deliberated for efficient and superior production. This paper illustrates about the manufacturing that involves Just-in-time in order to advance a business return on investment by reducing in-process inventory and associated carrying costs [2]. In an accomplishing and effective aspect of JIT, acquiring the parts and materials is a major concern. So, this article gives information about the selection of suppliers and their performance assessment in production environments. A developed dynamic trade…show more content…
The design has some benefits including reducing the setup time, improving the goods flow from warehouse to shelves, efficient use of multiple skilled employees, synchronizing production schedule and work hour consistency with demand, regular interval supply through the production day and at last minimizing the storage space. Problems are also associated within the JIT system by leaving the suppliers and consumers open to supply shocks and demand changes and within raw material streaming by linking JIT through the entire supply system. Some of the business models such as Vendor-Managed inventory and Customer-Managed inventory are following the similar approach. 1 SUPPLIER SELECTION & PERFORMANCE EVALUATION Quality importance, cost reduction and lead time are three of the most important factors to be considered for developing their product in this global competitive market. Based on the feedback from the customers, evaluation of the suppliers is done by a set of criteria. The authors conducted a literature survey and finalized Neural network (NN) based supplier selection system and Neural network based supplier performance evaluation system. Neural network based supplier selection system: It includes three steps followed by construction, training and validation of NN. Construction of NN: It includes input and output parameters,
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