A Sea Change in Staffing at Leapfrog Innovations Essay

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A Sea Change in Staffing at Leapfrog Innovations, Inc.

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A Sea Change in Staffing at Leapfrog Innovations, Inc.
In the Part IV Case Study (Hitt, Miller, & Colella, 2011, p. 567), the entire situation has evolved into a “redline” situation due to many challenges have not been appropriately dealt with. They were either not foreseen, or when noticed, where just coped with and no intelligent management controls were implemented.
The majority of the issues can be attributed to how Dick Eaton has allowed himself to be uninvolved in the critical operations for 10 years as LFI has grown and evolved throughout the years. Several employees have been hired and quit or moved on, and with the growth and evolution of the
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It is extremely important that Dick take Court Chilton’s advice “If you’re going to make this thing work, you’re going to have to lean in” (Hitt et al., 2011, p. 568). Speed of change for himself can be categorized as “Urgency” (Hitt et al., 2011, p. 543) where the change is urgent and a faster paced implementation in his dynamics is required or the company will go upside down with the vacuum in leadership, knowledge and experience. These contributions are extremely valuable and are not easily replaceable.
I would highly advise that Dick negotiate an short term extension of Julia’s employment (she stated she would contribute to the company on a contract basis only) and create a contract for her that will have a specific length of time (90 days to 6 months) wherein their roles would be reversed, and she can “grandfather” him so that he can be comfortable to branch out into fulfilling her duties, without fear of making mistakes that would deflate the company. Part of this agreement, would be to utilize Julia’s stronger leadership traits, to provide continuity to the company during this high turnover. Given Dick’s 6 month agreement, he will take his role on more seriously in the company and be able to flex in and out of his current position to strengthen Julia’s replacement or run the company in her stead entirely.
Strong recruiting will have to begin

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