A Search for Hope and Meaning

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The play A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry is systematically divided into three distinct progressions all of which vividly portray its ultimate theme. The first part of the play reveals the many different dreams that the various different family members have with the 10,000 dollar inheritance. Walter dreams of starting a liquor store. Beneatha dreams of going to medical school and Mama dreams of buying a new house. The second part of the play speaks about the loss of the family money and the loss of hope over their dreams. Finally, the third part is about the perseverance of the family even through their terrible hardship and their fight for pride even in the hardest of times. It is in the middle of the second and third progression that the conversation between Beneatha and Joseph Asagai takes place. The conversation between Beneatha and Joseph Asagai symbolizes mankind's inner turmoil through hardship. That being, does one look hopefully towards the future after hardship or does one loose all hope and accept fate as reality. This conversation fits perfectly with the structure and theme of the play. The final dialogue between Beneatha and Asagai comes right after the family gets word that all of the inheritance has been lost. Hansberry placed this dialogue at this point in the play intentionally. Up until this point in the play there have been two mindsets and life views of the Youngers. The first, which is displayed before Walter loses control of the money, is
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