A Second Look At An Average Joe

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A Second Look at An Average Joe; What It Means to Be Successful

Hustling other classmates in grade school out of their lunch money, Phillip Pellerin

learned at an early age, ways of making a profit by selling polished rocks that he and his brother

found in an alley walking home from school one day. At the age of eight, this silver-tongued

junior began to display real talent in sales and leadership.

Born in a bathtub in a small family home in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Delivered by his

father, who took a few classes to be a nurse, thirty-four-year-old Pellerin started his young life

without the chaotic hustle and bustle of hospital staff poking and prodding his little body

moments after he came into this world. His older
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Two years after he graduated from Del-Norte high

school, he started working for a wholesale warehouse as a cashier and restocking shelves. At the

age of nineteen, Phillip joined his brother-in-law as a sales representative at an indirect third

party resale shop for a popular wireless carrier. A young man, only thinking about making

money to pay for his home and a vehicle to drive himself from point A to point B. Not anywhere

near focusing on a career path for the future. He stayed employed in that shop for five years

before it closed.

His next endeavor shifted him to apply for a direct position in the same wireless

company. “As a sales representative, it gave me the freedom to know the different types of

customers I would encounter, and how to persuade them to buy more than what they came in

for,” said Pellerin. During his time in sales, he strived to do well, with decent hourly pay, great

shift hours, and good commission payouts. What more could this brown haired, brown eyed,

single man in his twenties want? “I could spot a person with good credit or bad credit just by the

way they would enter the store; I knew whether it be worth my time or not.” Pellerin continued.

Like many people do at a first impression, Pellerin profiled customers as they walked in the door.

He admits his judgment led him wrong at times but not always.

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