A Secret Lost In The Water Thing

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POV: First Person Plot: Intro: The father had felt left, when his son went off to school. Initiating Incident: When his father called him to the bushes. Rising Actions: The father shows his son how to find water using an alder branch. The son never really thought about the lesson. He then moves on with his life by getting married, having children and travelling. Climax: The climax is when it the story says “T he alder stayed motionless in my hands and the water beneath the earth refused to sing.” Because we knew he lost the gift at that point. Conclusion: When the narrator tried to put their father’s teaching in action by holding the alder branch waiting for it to writhe,…show more content…
When the father calls him out to the bushes and he finds the stick. Theme: ●Remember what people teach you because it may help you later in life. ●Sometimes advice is lost through generations ● Formal education is important because the lessons and knowledge we gain from the wisdom from others. Personification: An example of personification in the story is “the branch is squirming,” said by the narrator.
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