A Security Governance Framework For Cloud Computing

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ASSIGNMENT 3 (PROJECT) INFORMATION SECURITY MANAGEMENT My chosen topic for this project is A security governance framework for Cloud computing Introduction cloud computing means to deliver services in rapid speed on demand at any time and from any location. Access can be reached from any device. Could computing covers both office based surface and also the out-sourced platform. A lot of survey has been taken place to determine the benefits of cloud computing. As one survey postulate that based on written statement from CIO chief information officers. They reported in their survey that nearly 50 countries in year 2014 the greater number of information technologies’ survives were operating in the cloud computing platform. Also…show more content…
The reason for this is that security issues and countermeasures is rapidly become one of the most significant factor in the IT world due to its revolution model of computing as utility. As more and more data are being shifted to cloud at the same there are numerous chances of occurring the attacks on hybrid cloud computing. The attacks are just like “Denial of Service” attacks & “Authentication” attacks. For instance, the wide increase of the internet-capabilities devices raises a ways of attacking for remote data hacking and data leakage. It is very clear that more cloud computing follower’s day by day have been at the receiving end point of cloud infrastructure security events as compared to traditional information technology infrastructure security events. In only a few years, cloud computing following by progressive large organization in each and every industry around the world has skyrocketed. In 2011 the IDG research study has shown that was conducted globally among IT decision makers people at the enterprise organizations and companies were found that security issues and loss of control over data was the top flaw for cloud deployment the use of public cloud and private cloud computing technologies creates security and management challenges but in fact these challenges are not impossible to diminish. In
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