A Segment Of American Society That Does Not Benefit From Public Transportation

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There is not a segment of American society that does not benefit from public transportation. It is a fact of life that some portion of the urban population is comprised of those individuals who cannot use or do not have access to a car to travel because they are handicapped, elderly, or economically disadvantaged. Consider for a moment if your elderly mother or grandmother lived in this neighborhood and could not get about without the help of others. Now consider how much more self-sufficient she would feel if she were able to get out and about on her own when she needed or wanted. Some form of public transportation is necessary if the people in this category are to have the mobility essential for subsistence and satisfaction in their lives. An additional bus route running in Western Deland would increase the economy as more of the individuals mentioned above would be able to access the businesses along the Western side of the city. The increased revenue from an additional bus route would influence merchants who would benefit from increased consumer traffic and positively impact the city and county constituency and produce a win-win situation for all.
Public transportation is a crucial part of the solution to the nation’s economic, energy, and environmental challenges - helping to bring a better quality of life. This is also inherently true for those living in little Deland Florida where the population of approximately 29,000 relies heavily on the world renown fern…
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