A Self-Evaluation My Academic Performance In AP Literature

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The Effect of 303 on Me
(A self-evaluation my academic performance in AP Literature)
Upon entering room 303 on the first day of the school year, it was obvious that AP Literature was going to be an extremely difficult course based on work load alone. Immediately this brought the question of how I would execute my performance in the course. Throughout the year, I took the workload on but not necessarily with the same muster as the previous year. The amount and content of the work was extreme, and finishing the course seems like an accomplishment alone. My performance throughout this year has taught me many things about myself and my study habits, and therefore, what I need to improve upon for college. Understanding my own strengths and weaknesses
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First and foremost, I have an extreme problem with making myself read books. I don’t have a lot of time to do this activity, but several circumstances like car rides would lend this time. I simply do not use the time I have to read because I have a serious motivational problem when it comes to reading. Near the end of the year I even stopped reading the texts in my own anthology. This has impeded my ability to truly understand the text for what the text says and to get the full effect. Instead, I have resorted to reading by deputy in almost every case. Because of this I have missed out on a lot of practice in decrypting the words in actual novel or piece of poetry. Another weakness I have as a student is not splitting my work up evenly enough. Throughout the weeks there were some times when I could have been doing more homework in order to counteract the mass amount on Sunday, but my motivational deficiency stopped me from doing so. This increased my own stress level when it came to Sunday because I had so much to do. This even ruined my healthy sleep cycle. These weaknesses became more of an issue as time went on, but I was able to overcome them when it came to the…show more content…
When analyzing myself as a student after the mass amount of work presented in this course, it is first necessary to see that I have several organizational skills and memorization skills that have helped me immensely and will continue to do so. However, it is also necessary to exegete my weaknesses which show that I have motivational issues at times that impede my ability to focus on the work itself and learn what I should be learning. Regardless of the grade I have kept throughout the year, it is still clear that I could improve as a student in many ways. However, my focus for the next four years of my life is to generate a motivation that pushes me to understand the words on the page instead of sampling reading them. I wish to adopt the Francis Bacon ideology and “swallow” my readings. This course was absolutely miserable at times, however it was very important in teaching me about myself and my own perseverance. You cannot truly understand your own strengths by enduring easy activities; instead it must come from difficult situations. I consider this class to be the most difficult I have taken as far as workload, and it has shown me a lot. I now have a set of goals for my next year of education, and I will continue to generate and complete these goals as I pursue my career. For now, AP Literature has taught me that I have
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