A Semantic Point Of View Of The Area About Words Ending -ly

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The aim of this paper is to make an analysis and classification in a semantic point of view of the area about words ending -ly. It does not only try to know classification of each word, but also points out different classes of words ending-ly from and its outstanding features. Although a classification in the corpus is provided with a section about those worth mentioning cases in which the distinction between adverbs, adjectives and adverbials cases are not clear enough, or even they are controversial or with ambivalence.


While adverbs words modify adjectives, verbs or even other adverbs and do not interact at clause level, but at phrase level, adverbials are words, an adverb phrase or adverbial clause which give additional information about the action of the sentence.
I will base my analysis on a given corpus of examples in which a varied number of cases is provided and I will attempt to make an analysis of the different cases that are in the corpus. Some of these examples are quite clear. However, some other examples prove seem to be problematic to classify, analyse or even identify adverbs, adverbials and adjective ending -ly.

Although adverbs can act as modifiers, they also can be pre-modifiers, preceding phrases in this work. It includes, apart from pre-modifiers, also intensifiers, adverbs modifying adjectives and noun oriented adverbs. Concerning conventional view of –ly words as adverbs, we realise that the basics of this word

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