A Seminar Essay - Socratic Seminar

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Socratic Seminar Essay There has been a drastic change in the way we perceive the world and this can alter the way we see each other. We tend to jump onto a bandwagon because it seems easiest or because of one personal scenario. This is one of the main causes for prejudice and injustice. How a person reacts to being oppressed may bring out another side of them, but this side is their true self. This reaction speaks of his or her morals, ethics, and values. To these people, all the perpetrators appear the same, but it is known that while some may easily go along with it, some may choose to stand above it all. The concepts referenced to earlier will be soon elaborated on in further analysis as this essay goes on. It is human nature to assume certain ideas about certain people and it is also human nature to love and trust wholeheartedly. These two aspects of our species collide when the terms “prejudice” and “injustice” are involved. If one person had a certain relationship with someone different than themselves in some way, they will most likely come in contact with someone who they feel the need to share this event with. This person will most likely be trusted and respected by the storyteller and listen to/believe everything they say. This is lead to rumors and soon becoming a prejudice because there might be multiple acting this certain way. Although it does very frequently, this should not lead people to jump to conclusions about a general group. This soon leads to…
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