A Seminar Meeting With The Pharmaceutical Company

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Situation 1: I am serving as the seminar leader, trained to work with individuals under the contracted agreement with the pharmaceutical company. Company “X” that has let go 1,100 employees, hired our company to conduct a three-day mandatory job search seminar in order to receive their final paycheck. The 1,100 dislocated workers and our company have been guaranteed confidentiality in addition to their human resources department will not have any knowledge of what the workers are saying, be it about both the company or the human resource department. On the second day of the seminar HR representatives show up to observe the seminar. I will identify the issues and how to manage these issues. Issues & Solutions There is a plethora of issues that I have identified within the situation presented. Serving as the seminar leader, it would be of the utmost importance that I ensure adherence to the promises made to these individuals; in compliance with APA Ethics Standard 4.01 Privacy and Confidentiality (American Psychological Association, 2014 pg. 7). Ethically I am bound to maintain a professional, reasonably private, as well as the confidentially of each participant within the parameters of the APA Ethics Standard section 4, sub sections, 4.01 and 4.02 (American Psychological Association, 2014 pg. 7). The displaced employees are unexpectedly dealing with stress, uncertainty, and betrayal of losing
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