A Sense Of Innocence, By The Whole Town Of Machomb, Alabama Matures As A Community

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hildren are born with a sense of innocence. Babies are entirely dependent on a caregiver to feed them and keep them safe. Infants grow into children and are influenced by the people and the places that surround them. Children learn who they are as they see themselves through others and gain a sense of self through the experiences of living. Children may or may not remain innocent depending on their life circumstances and . In the novel, How to Kill A Mockingbird, the whole town of Machomb, Alabama matures as a community together. However, Scout, Harper Lees’s central character, while young in age, is mature in spirit. Her influences are consistent, and caring and provide positive role models demonstrating understanding, while deciphering right from wrong. Scout matures not through age, but through a short period of time through her father, Adicus’ constant tutoring. While Adicus is a well-educated lawyer, Kalperna, the house help, is not. What they have in common is a mutual level of respect for each other and for Scout despite her young age. These role models, and Scout’s early ability to read and write, contribute to a level of maturity not witnessed in many adults. shows the theme of maturity throughout the book showing maturation of Scout and Jem Finch and Charles Baker Harris also known as Dill. In this novel by Harper Lee, Jem Finch starts off as a childish young boy who enjoys playing dumb games. As the book goes on, Jem’s character develops to be more

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