A Sense of Social Realism in the First Ten Minutes of The Full Monty

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A Sense of Social Realism in the First Ten Minutes of The Full Monty In august 1997, the smash hit comedy; The Full Monty came to the big screen. It only cost £2.2 million but it managed to recover that in the first weekend of it being shown in the UK. The successfulness of the film even managed to shock actor Robert Carlyle who starred in the film. Directed by Peter Cattaneo and produced by Umberto Pasolini, this film is Sheffield's big claim to fame. The opening scenes are of a promotional video that shows a happy Sheffield but because it is shown on a small screen, it seems far away. The old-fashioned music and cheesy voiceover also give a feeling of something that happened along time ago and…show more content…
Gaz mentioned about the ten years that he worked in the factory and is disappointed at how rundown it has become, which shows his connection with the place. We then see a long shot the work band which shows that the steel industry was more that just a job it was a way of life to these people. Even though there is no longer any work they still enjoy getting together as friends. The next few shots represent Gaz's life quite well. It shows Gaz stranded on a sinking car in the middle of a river with Nate slowly edging away from him. This is actually happening because Nate is drifting towards his mother. Gaz still acts the hard guy though and does not admit defeat, even when someone strolls by he describes his situation as 'not so bad'. Gaz really shows that he is the 'ladies man' in the next scene in which, even though he is soaking wet he still rates women as he walks down the street. He then shows off in front of the women waiting for the strip show only to be shouted at by them. You can see where Gaz gets the idea for stripping from, as he must think that stripping is not only a good way to get money but also a good way to get women. We get the impression that Gaz is not very smart when he hatches a plan to Dave's wife out of the strip club, and is pointed out by his son that it is women only. This also shows that he is a nice person at heart underneath his

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