A Separate Milk Processing Factory

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a separate milk processing factory in Gia Lai at a cost of VND 800 billion, with technological lines imported from Germany and Sweden. Not only selling products, dairy firms are also focused on positioning their sales services, increaseing more useful values of their dairy products. The most popular ones are the establishment of the clubs and health advice farms for free such as Enfa A + by Mead Johnson, Anlene of Fonterra, Calcimex of Dutch Lady, Gain Advance IQ of Abbott, etc. There are some firms which established the nutrition centers such as Vinamilk, Dutch Lady, particularly Dutch Lady, they would establish a regular nutrition hotline advises for their customers. Currently on the market, there are many brands for customers to choose: Vinamilk, Dutch Lady, TH Milk, Bavi Milk, Dalat Milk, Vixumilk, etc. facing with many different milk products, what do the consumers do to select the products? First, that is to determine the characters and uniqueness of the brand. If the firm wants TH Milk Vinamilk to position the brand on the fresh milk market, the firm must do a survey to see what consumers say when it comes to the Vinamilk brand. The firm needs to create a survey questionnaire to send to the customers. The results may reveal valuable information about how to improve the functionality of the product or errors in the products. After obtaining the information, Vinamilk will sketch the brand diagrams to know their position on the market compared to other competitors.

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