A Separate Peace And To Kill A Mockingbird Analysis

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Ozichi Chinedu
SR Spiers
Compare and Contrast Essay
15 Dec. 2017

The two novels A Separate Peace by John Knowles and To Kill a Mockingbird both share major commonalities within the text, which take multiple glances to fully comprehend. For instance, one major commonality that both novels share is the recurring symbol that plays a major role in the character’s lives. That symbol is the tree. This tree that captivates both Scout and Jem in To Kill a Mockingbird, and the tree that shows the bond between Gene and Finny in A Separate Peace. Contrarily, in both texts, the authors use this same tree as a symbol of a loss between the characters. To illustrate, in A Separate Peace the protagonist Gene and his connection to the tree is a
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He uses the tree by filling it with small items he finds in his house to communicate with the neighborhood kids. “We were walking past our tree in its knot-hole rested a ball of twine.” (Lee 66). These objects in the tree connected with Scout and Jem because the kids would take them and wait for more, they valued these small tokens of benevolence from Boo. Notwithstanding, in both texts, the author uses the tree to symbolize loss. In To Kill a Mockingbird the author uses the tree that was originally giving gifts from Boo Radley to Scout and Jem had gotten plugged, courtesy of Boo’s father, Nathan. When Nathan did this he was basically cutting off Boo’s communication between Boo and the kids. “Trees dying, you plug them with cement when they’re sick.” (Lee 70). nevertheless, this tree was perfectly fine. Nathan Radley was not content with Boo going outside and leaving “gifts” in trees for the neighborhood. He was, however, content with Boo staying locked in the house. Not only that but in A Separate Peace the tree that once symbolized the bond between Gene and Finny, now symbolize the loss between a friend and what he loves. Finny and Gene had created a group that in order to join you needed to jump from the tree. This group was named The Super Suicide Society of the Summer Session. One night the boys were having a meeting and something out of the ordinary happened, when Finny was getting ready to jump with Gene behind
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