A Seperate Peace, By John Knowles

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"A Seperate Peace" Maturity Essay (First Draft) Introduction: Almost every human being in the worlfd matures, the person can mature physically and/or mentally. In A seperate peace, by John KNowles, an ongoing that comes up several times during this novel is is maturation or maturity. Many characters in this melodramatic novel, if not all of them end up maturing in this novel. World war 2 made some characters like Leper Lepellier mature more then if there hadnt been a war.Also as the story progresses, so does the characters ' maturity. BP 1: In the beginning of the novel the present Gene is a fully matured ma, looking back on an incident in his past ;when he was sixteen years old. A key detail of immaturity iin the protagonist, Gene, is his envy toward his friend Phineas.. Gene 's jealousy leads him to the point where he wants to destroy Phineas ' greatest asset, his strong skill in sports. During the first jump off the tree Gene loses his balance and almost got severely injured but Finny held Gene so that he would not fall down. This shows how Finny perceives Gene as a friend and is willing to risk his life for him. During the other jump Gene Jounces the limb and when finny loses his balance and reaches out for Gene 's helping hand; yet Gene ignores it and allows Finny to fall down and shatter his leg. Another detail of Gene 's immaturityis on page sixtyfive, when Finny told Gene that he tried to grab hold of him to save himself then Gene responded byu saying " 'To drag me
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