A Sequel To Hendrick's Story

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"Here I am, I’ll probably end up dead, but I can try to save her and myself, I can’t give up now, is too late to take a step back, Heinz made up his mind, now it’s time to make up mine." - Hendrick thought.

He took a quick glance at Esther before looking at Heinz.
Seen Heinz losing his temper, Hendrick pulled down the lever.

"You've done right, she had a miserable life after all, you're better to follow the orders now or else you will finish like them" said Heinz as he pointed the dead bodies.


It's funny how life can be ironic, yesterday I was the one giving sentences of death, today I'll meet death, but I won't be alone, I'm bringing Heinz with me, he was the one who forced me to kill the woman of my dreams He has to pay for what he
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Hendrick. And this, is my story.
I fell in love with a Jewish girl, she might had an awful body for everyone else, she may had been Jewish, but for me she was the star that shines every night, our love was forbidden as I was a Nazi, and Jewish were a race we had to exterminate, who cares if she isn’t socially accepted by everyone, deep down in my heart I knew I was the one for her as she was the one for me, for that I can’t forgive the one who made me kill her, Heinz needs to pay by his own life.

If you asked me a few months ago, I would say my loyalty to Hitler couldn’t be broken, but today is the last time I’ll see him as my commander.

Today I have accepted my fate.
And my fate is revenge over the ones who forced me to kill somebody that I loved.


Hendrick waited until the night to come, so he would be hidden by the shadows, killing everyone who crossed his path as he hid them in the shadows.It took him a while before he reached Heinz headquarters. Hendrick took a glance at the headquarters before entering, seen Heinz asleep he approached him, put his gun between his eyes and whispered: "If I'm going to hell, I'm not going alone!" As he shot Heinz before putting an end to his own life.

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