A Serial Killer Is A Person Who Kills Multiple People In

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A serial killer is a person who kills multiple people in a certain manner, this might include raping, shooting, stabbing, choking, etc. Richard Trenton Chase, most known as “The Vampire of Sacramento” was an American, male serial killer who was responsible for the death of six people within a month in Sacramento, California. He was given the nickname of “vampire”; he was known for drinking his victims blood and even eat the remains. He was also guilty for going around neighborhoods and trying to open unlocked doors, claiming unlocked doors represented an invitation for the murderer to go in. It was also stated that he had a disturbing childhood which led him to become a sadistic and mental killer, also the cause for developing hypochondria…show more content…
Chase would also hold oranges on top of his head claiming the brain would absorb the vitamin C. He was then diagnosed with schizophrenia and was put under observation, but was then released. Chase killed his victims in a quite disturbing and inhumane way. His first victim was a 51-year-old, father of two, named Ambrose Griffin. Chase killed his victim in a drive-by shooting in front of his house while helping his wife with groceries. He would then attempt to enter a woman’s house two weeks later, but her doors were locked, causing Chase to walk away. His second victim was a pregnant woman, “Using the same gun he used to kill Griffin, he shot Teresa three times, killing her, then raped her corpse while stabbing her several times with a butcher knife. He then removed multiple organs, cut off one of the nipples and drank the blood. Before leaving, he collected dog feces from the yard and stuffed it into the victim 's mouth and down her throat” (Montaldo, Thoughco). Chase committed his final murders by entering the home of a 38-year-old, he then shot the victims friend and rampaged through the house. He finally shot the victim’s 6-year-old son and 22-month-old nephew. Chase then engaged in necrophilia and cannibalism with the child’s corpses. Chase was a disorganized, sloppy serial killer. Evidence present in his clothing and the victims house led to his apprehension. He would also leave the murder scene by
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