A Serial Killer's Characteristics Begin at Childhood

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Childhood Characteristic of Serial killers The basic definition of Serial Killers are that it is a group of people who’s work is just to kill, kill and kill innocent people over a longer period of time without being wedged or bunged. They are not like mass murderers, who may kill many people at one time - majority of the time because of circumstantial behavior. Serial Killers are completely a different from traditional or mass murderers they always make a proper plan and they are very specific in choosing thee victims and they are mobile Serial killers are a true threat to today’s society. There choice of victims can be anyone I can be some adolescents or an old aged person, prostitutes. The worrying matter is that these serial killers are keeps on playing with the life & death game with innocent people until they are stopped. Nobody in this world is a born killer. All these serial killers and dangerous killers are born as a normal person. But due to some incident or situation they convert from normal person to a dangerous serial killers and start killing people as they don’t value human life. Long time ago people just scared from these killers but after some time they start knowing them and start analyzing. This all happens when police allow the researchers and authorities to come and talk to these dangerous people and get the chance to know them. In this way both the sides get the chance to know each others people get the chance to know about the killers and there
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