A Sermon On Judges 19

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A Sermon on Judges 19:1-30 I am a preacher from the Methodist Religion. I enjoy the organization of the African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church service, in which we follow an order to the way it is conducted. I love that we go through this whole Order of Worship every Sunday morning. The most interesting concept to me is how we are introduced to the Bible and see the books within the Bible intertwine themselves together within the year. An example is how Paul founded Churches, and speaking to Moses, how Hagar is drawing water with the Samaritan woman. It amazes me how as Methodist preaches we put these stories together; including the story about the woman with the issue of blood. I cannot help but admire how these stories can be weaved together to bring about its true meaning. Except: Except I am aware that as a member of the Methodist religion, and a member of the clergy, that there are parts of the Bible that are excluded from the pulpit. Once I began to read this chapter, Judges 19, I automatically knew that this was a story in the Bible that I have never heard being preached within the A.M.E Zion church or any church for that matter. This story spoke of the unfortunate rape, abuse, and dismemberment of a concubine. Reading this made me stop and think; what was the purpose of this horrifying story within the Bible? What is our silence saying? Judges 19 is a text of silence. What is our silence saying? God is not speaking in this text perhaps his silence is most
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