A Servant Manager Essay

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Management should focus on building a workplace and culture of employment certainty and employee self worthiness to best felicitate a low stress, highly productive environment. Being a servant manager, others takes precedence over self. A servant manager wishes to create a good working relationship with customers, employees and upper management to create a positive and edifying corporate experience for all involved. It is a managers responsibility to ensure profitability for the company and owners by producing a product quickly and inexpensively. Producing is not a managers only concern. The human element is the greatest asset to any company and maybe the greatest overlooked resource a company has at their disposal. The practice of-- just…show more content…
Symbols are used to communicate corporate purpose, critique strategic plans, enhance organizational control, harmonize intergroup relations, ease the pain of transitions, support organizational ideologies, and understand subcultures. ...As such, a symbol sensitive manager would ideally be able to think about, and constructively manage, the cognitive and emotional aspects of symbols–and thus enhance the effectiveness of the individual, the group, and the organization” (Shani, 2009).
In order to corroborate a philosophy of management as a servant with symbols, a manager will incorporate symbols that convey feelings of community, truth, honesty and fairness. These symbols could come in the form of rewards, meetings, bulletins, suggestion boxes, transparency of management decisions, praise, announcements, and committees. As technology and information increase, managers have the opportunity to see what science says companies should be doing to motivate employees to perform at their best. In the article, “Managing with the Brain in Mind” the author explains:
When you encounter something unexpected...the limbic system (a relatively primitive part of the brain, common to many animals) is aroused....Neurons are activated and hormones are released as you seek to learn whether this new entity represents a chance for reward or potential danger. If the
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