A Setting in the Mountains of Albania in Broken April by Ismail Kadare

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Broken April by Ismail Kadare,takes place in the mountainous regions of Albania. The Kanun is a set of rules that controls every single aspect of the daily lives of the inhibit ants of the mountains.Gjorg is pressured by his family to seek vengeance for the death of his older brother by his family, in order to restore the family's honor. Bessian and his wife Diana are from the city, on their honeymoon. Kadare uses the increasing lack of physical proximity amongst them( Bessian and Diana) to illustrate the destructive nature of the Kanun on a relationship,in particular the blood code.Bessian’s obsession of the Kanun causes an obverse reaction by Diana, who later develops her own obsession with it, allowing Bessian to realize the destructive nature of the blood code. When Diana and Bessian begin their journey, Kadare illustrates a close relationship between them but, with Bessian’s thought of the blood code making it starin only a little. In the beginning of their journey it is apparent that Bessian is eager to see the code in place however Diana's movements indicate one of confusion and a want to separate from the immensity of the blood code. As Bessian and Diana are riding in the carriage, Bessian, holds "his wife’s hand” however at the same time “moved his head” (61) towards the window of the carriage while watching the mountains. Even though they are physically close Bessian subconsciously moves closer to the Rrfash,the place of his thoughts, a representative of the

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