Essay about A Shark in the Mind of One Contemplating Wilderness

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English 1104: Written English I (2053 words) Essay Assignment:: A Shark in the Mind of One Contemplating Wilderness by Terry Tempest Williams Terry Tempest William’s written essay, “A Shark in the Mind of One Contemplating Wilderness,” delivers to us, with intended purpose using shocking truths of greed and destruction. Actions took under the cloak and disguise of the needs of civilization, creating more jobs, or even to boost the rich man’s governmental legacy of our badly raped and abused national economy. How continued acts of greed and wanton disregard for the environment, are endangering nature the wilderness areas we have sought to protect? Acts that leave behind damage and destruction where once nature and wilderness thrived.…show more content…
We capture, contain, and control the very wildness of these animals, we so admire them for. We decorate a large bucket of water, or a box of bars to resemble a shallow shadow of the wilderness they should be in. These animals held captive in collective groups as a means to entertain us. We are trading the wonder of nature, seen in it’s own wilderness area for animal showmanship and entertainment. Losing the remarkable sensations of hope and renewal we experience, as we stand in a wilderness land, quietly observing animals and nature in the wildly beautiful and raw lands. The absence of our own lack of realization that nature and the wild places we call the wilderness are under attack. They are in danger of being beyond repair. It overwhelms the senses, and is not to be tolerated. That is the message William’s words left echoing in my mind. Invisible seeds, deep in my awakening imagination. William’s words, written with her pen, that acts not as a pen, but more like a sword striking out against environmental injustices. Clever words, delivered with careful and planned precision. Crafted to alert, outrage and then inspire in each of us. To become environmentally and socially responsible. She is more skillful than you realize at first. She

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