A Shift Of Perspective On My Family

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A Shift in Perspective
I would like you to imagine being in a country where your family has moved but you have never visited before. You do not speak the language. Every word you hear except from the small portion of your family is unfamiliar and confusing. There is no implicit definition for many of these syllables and even if there were, you would not know it, but this culture intrigues you. These people live a life like you have never seen.
In the safety of your family’s beautiful neighborhood, you decide to wander. The sun shines above you. The air is brisk in a way you haven’t quite experienced. You are bundled up to protect against this unfamiliar cool. A hat pulled low to keep the heat in against the February chill.
You find yourself fascinated more with every step. These people lives are so different from your own. You study this community in awe of what you are seeing. You wander between property lines of which you are unaware, unknowingly breaking the code of this culture.
This atmosphere of beauty shifts when you are approached by two men clothed identically approach you from a marked vehicle. You identify them as law enforcers, but you are uncertain of how you will answer their questions. Their words come too quickly for you to even partially comprehend. A terror swells in you to find someone to translate and mediate. You need your family here.
You begin to walk in the direction of your son’s home, anxious and unsure of how else to communicate what
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