A Shift On A New Method Of Criminal Justice System

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Decarceration: A Shift to A New Method of Criminal Justice Melanie Eubanks Lee College CRIJ 1301 Professor Buckner Mar 2, 2017 Societies throughout history have always tried to service punishment or retribution over those that are considered delinquents or criminals in their society. The societies in the industrialized world have seen several transformations in their mission to achieve this level of discipline. Vast portions of the population have become very disenfranchised with their criminal justice system has meant that in recent years, and mostly since the 60 's, a main theme in exertion of control over societies deviants has been a state-sponsored attempt to rehabilitate criminal populations. In the face of steadily…show more content…
Evan at the latter part of the 18th century it was non-more often than not (Scull 1977, p17). The aims of imprisonment were retribution and deterrence up to the late 19th century, "most crimes were dealt with by some combination of fines, corporal punishment, mutilation or death" (Scull 1977, p.18). Weak, decentralized and arbitrary are how you could define the state control of the prison system. The focus of control was undifferentiated, methods of categorization and differentiation of deviance were hardly developed and visibility of control was public (Cohen 1985, p.16-17). Since external behavior was the focus of intervention at the time the state aimed at punishing the body. So, between the end of the 18th century and the start of the 19th century, incarceration gradually became the predominant mode of punishment and the emphasis shifted to reform and rehabilitation as the primary aims of imprisonment (Tomasic and Dobinson 1979, p.14). The transformations that took place during this time were to lay the foundations for subsequent deviancy control (Cohen, 1985, p.13). The advance of the capitalism that occurred at the end of the 18th century and the start of the 19th century was interwoven with the changes in deviance control that happened now (Scull 1977, p31). These changes saw an increasing involvement and intervention of the state with regards to deviancy control, the increasing classification of deviant groups into
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