A Shocking Account Of The Mentally Ill

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In 2008, Marya Hornbacher decided to publish a shocking account of her battle with bipolar disorder. It is not a romantic, happy-ending story. It is the real life account of what many people with bipolar struggle with every day. Unlike many people, Hornbacher had her family by her side every step of the way. Throughout the book she reaches dark and dreary places that no one wants to live though, let alone read about. However she always emerges on the other side with the help of her family. This book embodies the struggle of the mentally ill, as well as the importance of family: it is an important read for anyone that has a family member struggling with bipolar disorder. Not unlike a lot of people with mental illness the author had bipolar from a young age, around the age of 4 she started showing symptoms. Also, not unlike other bipolar sufferers, there is a history of mental illness in her family. As the author points out these are both red flags for a mental condition (20). Bipolar is an incredibly complex disorder but for those that don’t understand she makes it as simple as she can. Describing the disease in terms of depression and madness. Hornbacher takes the audience through the entire diagnosis of the disorder, which helps make it easier to understand. At the beginning she describes what it was like to be a child, not knowing what was wrong with her. In the next phase she tries different ways to cope with the disorder that she still does not know she has. This is…

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