A Shocking Conclusion

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One example is Lord Byron’s piece, Don Juan, which he was not able to finish before he died sadly. The mock epic was to be a great piece in the end, but it came to a sudden stop. This was unintentional and very unfortunate. Other writers just decide to end things in an abrupt or unexpected way. Often when writers do this it’s not because they ran out of time as it appears, but rather because they want to relay their message in a surprising manor. Of Graham Greene’s A Shocking Accident and D. H. Lawrence’s The Rocking-Horse Winner, Lawrence’s story has the more surprising ending for three reasons: 1) the boy’s death came very suddenly, 2) mother’s reaction was quite unexpected, 3) uncle’s greedy response changes how one sees wealth.
To begin, Paul’s death came very suddenly, whereas Jerome’s fiancé’s response could have been predicted. The boy didn’t even seem effected by his journeys of the Rocking Horse for the longest time. Nothing seemed to be wrong until his mother became greedy over what her son had so graciously given to her. Consequently, Paul wanted to win again, but this time as unlike the others. Because he was doing it for his mother who was craving wealth in any way she could get it, the magical wooden horse of rocking must’ve rejected his spirit or something. Who knows? Regardless, stuff went down; the little kid after taking his ride to victory one more time was discovered by his mom just before he would fall hard. On…
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