A Shooting Massacre Occurred Of San Bernardino California

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A shooting massacre happened in San Bernardino California in last December shocked the world. After the massacre, President Obama made a very quick statement, and he emphasized that the U. S. should control the guns more strictly and make each effort to decrease the crimes related to the firearms. Although the gun enthusiasts refute this proposal, and assert that the individuals should carry guns in terms of defense, I believe that the best way to protect the citizens from murdered by weapon is to make the weapons unavailable to the individuals. First of all, as the gun advocates point out, the Amendment 2nd give the citizens the rights to own arms. In fact, even though the constitution makes it clear that owning weapons doesn’t violate the law, the Amendment is not intended to encourage people to carry a pistol without any restriction. The reason is simple and understandable, with the development of the military technology, we should notice that carrying a gun is more dangerous in the modern society than in the past because the advanced and mass destruction firearms are designed and manufactured these days. Thus, it is convenient and effective to kill more innocent people than the time when the constitution was drafted. If the government does not take the strong and effective methods to restrict the procession of the weapons of the mass destruction, the shooting massacre would be increased instead of being decreased in the future.

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