A Shooting Star Runs Through Everything

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Indeed, he wondered how anyone on earth would want to be alive after a day such as this. He got out of bed, put on his clothes, brushed his sparkling white teeth with minty toothpaste, brushed his thick, black hair with a comb missing a few teeth, and set off happily along his way, waiting for death to arrive and take him. You may be wondering why Irving was so eager for death at this stage of his life. The truth was Irving didn’t quite know himself. He had never considered himself the adventurous type, certainly not someone so bold as to just go and die out of the blue, yet recently he had gotten the urge to see what death had in store for him. Anything seemed better than his usual humdrum life, after all. Irving walked into his office building at 8:07, a full 7 minutes later than usual. His lateness, on account of his newfound, carefree attitude, would normally have caused him to hang his head with shame, but today such an act was laughable. After all, it was his final day in this accursed office, no point in spending it moping just when his life was about to take a new and exciting turn. Irving worked at Shouldwe, Cheatem, and How, a law firm located in the Upper South side of Townsville, Illinois. This might sound like an impressive job for someone so young, but Irving wasn’t actually…
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