A Short Biography Of Josh K. William

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I am Josh K. William. I was born in 1757 in Michigan but later moved to Massachusetts. Growing up in a poor family, I had to start working at a very early age to earn a living. Because of the bad condition of the country, searching for a good job was impossible. So, I commenced working as a farmer. I’ve had a very rough time during my school period due to the fact, that I was a colonist. During that time, all the colonists were victims of discrimination and hatred. All the Britishers lacked empathy and used to bully all the colonists in schools, workplaces, markets, and so forth. As it was the time when colonists were not very good friends with the Great Britain because of the unfair laws forced/Pressured upon the immigrants. Although…show more content…
I was around 13 years old when the heart-wrenching event happened, called the “Boston Massacre”. On March 5, 1770, at the Custom House in Boston, a group of American colonists accumulated and started provoking the squad of British soldiers. In this event, there was total of eleven individuals were shot; five individuals were assassinated and the rest of the six were injured. The squad of soldiers with the captain, Thomas Preston was put on trial for charges of murder. Furthermore, the two soldiers who proceeded to shot first, the Mathew Killroy and the William Montgomery were charged with manslaughter. This excruciating event rose the hatred and abhorrence of colonists towards the British. I encountered discrimination to this extent that my level of tolerance exploded, and this is precisely the reason for all the protests of the colonists because their patience level burst out. Being a teenager, I could not fight against the Britishers but those who had the power did not stand back. Three years after the Boston Massacre, the Boston Tea Party occurred on the night of December 16, 1773, when I was 17 years old. The Boston Tea Party was regulated by Samuel Adams and the Sons of Liberty with an intention to fight against the British associated with the tea taxes. The colonists protested by wearing costumes, boarding the ships, and dumping the tea cargo which was worth 18,000 dollars. Hundreds of people were engaged in this protest
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