A Short Biography of William McKinley

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Introduction A. Background information B. Anecdote C. Map Early Life/Student A. Serious Student B. Allegheny College i. Illness caused dropout C. Worked full-time ii. Worked as clerk Military Career A. Enlisted after war started B. Went up rankings quickly i. Went up for courage C. Fought in savage battles ii. Battle of Antietam Creek Lawyer Career A. Entered Albany Law School B. Opened Law Office i. Partner Judge George W. Belden ii. Opened in Canton, Ohio C. Met Ida Saxton iii. Married on January 25, 1871 D. Children iiii. Had Katie in 1871 iiiii. 1873, had Ida Political…show more content…
Grant. In the summer of 1869, McKinley met Ida Saxton. On January 25, 1871 they got married. On Christmas day, their first child Katie was born. In 1873 they had a second child, Ida. Within a few months, the baby died. Then in 1876 Katie died of typhoid fever. The couple were grief-stricken. In the 1876 election McKinley was elected to Congress. He served as congressmen from 1877 to 1883. He was narrowly defeated in the 1882 election, but served again from 1885 to 1991. In 1891, he was elected as the Governor of Ohio. He served two terms as governor, from 1892 to 1896. In 1896 McKinley campaigned for president. He had help from some notable businessmen, such as J.P. Morgan. On election day, McKinley won by a comfortable margin. In the White House, McKinley’s presidency began on a promising note. On July 24, 1897 McKinley signed the Dingley Tariff Act, which raised the tax rates on imported goods to an average of 52 percent. After the sinking of the ship USS Maine, Americans became increasingly angry at Spain. By, August 1898, the Spanish-American War was over. On December 10, 1898, Spain and the United States signed the Treaty of Paris. Spain gave the U.S. Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Philippine Islands. But by taking control of those countries, William McKinley forced America to become a world power. In the 1900 presidential election, McKinley faced William Jennings Bryan, the Democratic candidate. The question was if the United

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