A Short Description Of The Type Of Classroom

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1. Write an introductory paragraph with a short description of the type of classroom, number of students, types of disabilities, and number of adults. a. For this assignment, I observed an early kids Bible study program at a local church. There were eight children attending the program. The range in ages is from two to six. I observed on the first day of the seven-day program. There was a lead teacher with two parents participating. The lead teacher Mrs. Cameron is a special education teacher at the secondary level is also a member of the church. The parent teachers share a range of classroom experience. Mrs. Amy is a mother of two and a part time elementary para- educator. Mrs. Jen is also a mother of two and has little experience in the classroom setting. Mrs. Cameron is very familiar with the students attending the program. As a member of the church and her involvement within the community, she was able to identify two students with disabilities. Jake is a five-year-old boy with a diagnosis of Autism. Kate is a six-year-old girl with a diagnosis of Cerebral palsy. 2. Compare the strategies that were used. Which strategies were used the most? The least? Not at all? Critique why you think the teacher used these specific strategies. a. I was able observe several different teaching strategies during my observation. I was also able to gather more information with an interview with Mrs. Cameron, Mrs. Jen, and Mrs. Amy both prior to the program and after the
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