A Short Film Review : The Time Machine

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“The Time Machine” is about the protagonist, George, in the year 1900, who has by some means created a time machine, and attempts to convince his friends of time travel and the fourth dimension. He successfully makes a miniature model of his time machine disappear in front of all four of them, yet they are not swayed. The time machine is a very complex contraption with the controls in the front to run the machine in the back while he sits behind the controls. The machine simply works with a lever: where pressure equals motion, so pushing forward is in the future and pulling backward is in the past.
In the beginning of the film, he travels seventeen years into the future and this is the first time that the viewer can see the noticeable changes occur throughout time. Simply seventeen years in the future, George can see the industrial change from horse carriages to mechanical automobiles right in front of his eyes. He also sees the change of clothing apparel of a lady mannequin in a shop window change every year. As he steps outside into town he encounters one of his friends, David, who is actually Filby’s son, James, which then informs him of his father’s death in the “Great War.” Disheartened, he returns to the machine to travel forward only to encounter a new war between Britain and Germany. He resumes his expedition of time into 1966 to find that his town has turned into a very large and densely populated city, with incredible industrial technology advances and largely
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