A Short History Of The Jewish People

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The history of Jews in host cities often depict a story of success or of failure when it comes to relations between the Jews and the Christians in Europe. Historian Jonathan Elukin, author of Living Together, Living Apart, presents the integration as a success process with rare, and special cases, of failure. On the other side of the spectrum is historian Raymond P. Scheindlin. Scheindlin’s novel, A Short History of the Jewish People, presents many cases of integration between the Christians and Jews that led to massacres and brutal endings for the Jewish community. There are many monumental events that take place during the long span of time that oversees European Jewish history, and both historians study and evaluate the events, however, they do so through different lenses. The story of the Local Charters, specially relating to Bishop Rudiger of Speyer, demonstrates Elukin’s theory of successful integration and relations between Christians and Jews in a local scaled setting. In 1084, a population of Jews departed from Maize because of a fire they feared to be blamed for, and were welcomed by the city of Speyer in Germany. Bishop Rudiger offered the Jews kindnesses such as safety, the right to practice their religion, the right to sell meat and good, and the right to have a legal status. The Jews not only were welcomed into the city, but helped the city thrive economically due to their rights to loan money with interest, rights that Christians do not have. The Jews spoke
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