A Short Note On Alleviate The Water Crisis

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Proposal to Ease the Water Crisis in São Paulo Imagine yourself living a life where water for basic needs are scarce. That is what is happening in São Paulo, the biggest city of Brazil, and the most financially important city. After years with specialists advising about the water situation in Brazil, the catastrophe finally arrived. The water crisis came such as a hurricane, which when it comes destroys everything ahead. And because of the government’s negligence towards environmental matters, the population that was not prepared for this chaos were the first to suffer the consequences. Now, the population has been facing several emergency actions from the government, such as water cutoffs during the day and the increasing water and electricity bills. In addition, the citizens have been facing changes in the climate, which leads to a difficulty in business for many of them. The water crisis in São Paulo started after the lack of rain in 2014, which led to the drought of main reservoir called Cantareira. According to Andrew Maddocks, Tien Shiao, and Sarah Mann, this situation occurred mainly because of three reasons: the drought, the bad management of the distribution of water in the state, and the deforestation in the North of Brazil. The drought and the deforestation are interconnect because one influences the other. But there is also another reason for this chaos, which is the culture of wasting water. According to Pedro Pedruzzi, the president of Trata Brasil Instute,
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