A Short Note On Asian Atlas Engineering And Construction Network

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Civil Engineer – Asian Atlas Engineering and Construction Network: • Preparation of the project schedule. • Review the project plans and specifications and comment on the building design, scheduling, possible cost savings measures and potential construction problems • Raise and discuss relevant issues at the job site meetings. Prepare & issue minutes of all site meetings • To assess the needs for new training programs/projects • Improving the trainee’s capacity to train villagers on business initiatives • Informing Design team/Client for any errors, discrepancies or omissions contained within design drawings. • Develop curriculums, Manuals, Methodologies and workbooks for the training • Assist grantees or beneficiary entities to select…show more content…
More than 80% of the population lives in rural areas. They depend mainly on subsistence agriculture and livestock to make a living. Economic opportunities are few due to poor market access and fragile security environment. Afghanistan is full of watersheds with less vegetation cover and harsh climatic conditions. Due to overexploitation of the natural resources mainly land and water, the environment of the watershed is degrading increasing natural disaster such as flash flood and drought threatening people’s lives and livelihoods mainly affecting downstream population. Therefore, it is important to select the watershed having linkage with downstream effects. For sustainability involvement of the beneficiaries in the watershed management and all other sustainable projects is essential, therefore selection of projects for a sustainable development must start with the interest and commitment of the beneficiaries. OTHER COURSES & PROFESSIONAL TRAININGS: Description Board / Company Date Appreciation Certificate Helvetas Swiss Inter Cooperation Org 2015 CPM
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