A Short Note On Automated Car Braking System

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Title: Automated car braking system.
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Automated vehicles are important part of intelligent systems. The main goal of intelligent system is introduce more automatic features in vehicles by adapting sophisticated control systems, sensors and computers. These features may vary from vehicles , to a fully automated vehicle where the driver and passengers are not part of the control system. Partially or fully automated vehicles may be part of system architectures that include the highways.
Such architectures have been shown to have strong potential for dramatically increasing the capacity of freeways[l-51 and improving the smoothness of traffic flows [5].
An important component of AVCS is to design control systems for controlling the throttle and brake so that the vehicle can follow the speed response of the leading vehicle and at the same time keep a safe intervehicle spacing under the constraint of comfortable driving [6].
Studies on automatic vehicle following go as far back as 1970’s [7-81 where throttle and brake controllers were designed based on simple point mass vehicle models. More complicated vehicle models were used in the design of automatic vehicle following controllers in
[6,9] where constant intervehicle spacing is desired at all speeds. In order to achieve platoon stability with desired constant intervehicle spacing, vehicle-to-vehicle communication was shown to be necessary [9,10]. In [5], it

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