A Short Note On Becoming A Dental Hygienist

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My Desire to become a Dental Hygienist. I first took interest in this career path when I was exploring a different variety of jobs during high school. My mom asked me,” what do I want out of life”? So I explained to her that I want to do something that matters to people. I want to help people. But over all things I want to be a mom. I want to be able to provide for my family. My mom went on to explain how she thought being a hygienist would suit me. It’s funny how our moms know us better than we know ourselves sometimes! She went on to explain how she had a friend who pursued a career as a dental hygienist that it worked out for her in many ways. She got to raise her own children but continue growing in a lifelong career path. She got to support her family while not missing out on the milestones her children were accomplishing. She had become very successful within her career and about 25 years later, she still loves it the same. I knew that was the life I wanted, so I started to research where I would need to start. I knew that having some basic background knowledge of the dental world would be very important considering being accepted in to dental hygiene school. As I grew very proficient within my assisting duties a hygienist in the office I worked for asked if I would want to be her personal dental hygiene assistant. I was so thrilled that I was given such an opportunity. I immediately started paying attention to the details of how she performed her job. In our down

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