A Short Note On Business Affairs And Hospitality Industry

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A subcategory in the hospitality industry, the hotel industry provides a safe and comfortable shelter for people traveling away from home through accommodations, tourism, recreation, and food services. Whether for business affairs or family vacations, people will be able to find in the hotel industry their specific needs as the industry ranges from economical to luxurious standards to meet consumers’ desire of a “home away from home.” Since a hotel is a large operation to run, many roles are involved in order to insure that the hotel meets standards and customer satisfaction. Sectors of the hotel industry include management, sales and marketing, maintenance, food and beverage, accounting, security, and human resources. Companies with the most notable reputation and collection of hotel brands in the industry are Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide, Hilton Hotels and Resorts, and Marriott International. With approximately 187,000 hotels in the world and 17.5 million guest rooms offered in the world, companies must adhere to laws. However, with many sectors to manage, the top legal issues that arise in the hotel industry involve wage discrimination, liquor liability, and hotel management termination agreements.
Legal Issue #1: Wage Discrimination The hospitality industry is one of America’s largest employers where it “currently supports 15.05 million employees – the highest level since 2009” (Mergent, 10). With such a high employment rate, companies work to expand…
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