A Short Note On Camera Mouse And A Computer Vision Based Email System

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CE301 Individual Project
Initial Report

Camera Mouse and a Computer Vision Based Email System

Student Name: Cosmin Buzea
Supervisor: Klaus McDonald-Maier
Second Assessor: Francisco Sepulveda
Background Reading 3
Introduction 3
Camera Mouse 3
Computer Vision 3
Face Detection 3
Face Tracking 4
OpenCV 4
Computer Vision Based E-mail System 4
Project Goals 5
Project details 5
Functionality and Design 6
Hardware and Software required 7
Methodology 7
Project Planning 7
Reference 9

Background Reading

A large number of handicapped persons that have limited mobility have had problems doing activities without the help of others. The same problem is for them when using a computer because it usually requires hand movement in order to move the mouse pointer or to type something using the keyboard. [1] This means people that are quadriplegic and nonverbal will need assistive technologies in order to use the computer. Some of them could move only part of their body (eyes, head, hands, tongue) and based of their reduced movement a lot of research has been made in order for them to use a computer. [2]
For some people that could rotate only their head various mouse alternatives were created. Some system would use an infrared light emitter that would be attached to a person’s forehead and with the help of that could move the mouse pointer. Other systems were based on measuring the corneal reflections where a light would reflect from the…
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