A Short Note On Camera Mouse And A Computer Vision Based Email System

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CE301 Individual Project Initial Report Camera Mouse and a Computer Vision Based Email System Student Name: Cosmin Buzea Supervisor: Klaus McDonald-Maier Second Assessor: Francisco Sepulveda Contents Background Reading 3 Introduction 3 Camera Mouse 3 Computer Vision 3 Face Detection 3 Face Tracking 4 OpenCV 4 Computer Vision Based E-mail System 4 Project Goals 5 Project details 5 Functionality and Design 6 Hardware and Software required 7 Methodology 7 Project Planning 7 Reference 9 Background Reading Introduction A large number of handicapped persons that have limited mobility have had problems doing activities without the help of others. The same problem is for them when using a computer because it usually…show more content…
An inexpensive solution was to use the web camera as a mouse alternative. [2] Camera Mouse By using the web camera the computer input devices (mouse and keyboard) could be replaced by the web camera to move the mouse pointer and a virtual keyboard instead of the typical keyboard. [2] The web camera will take video input of the user’s head and it will send it to a face-detection system that will recognize the face features. After recognizing the face features a tracking system will start moving the mouse pointer based on the movement of a body part of the user. [2] There are four types of controlling the mouse pointer: one is by using the eye movement, the second is by using head movement, the third is by using hand movement and the fourth is by using a laser that is mounted on the user head. [2] Computer Vision Computer Vision is a field that deals with describing the world that we see in the same way as any human can by using algorithms and methods that can acquire, process, analyze and understand images. [3] In computer vision we can track a human’s movement, we can create a 3D model of an area using large number of photographs, face detection and recognition and large number of other applications. [3] Face Detection For creating a camera mouse a developer needs to make a face-detection system that can recognize the face features. This system must be use minimal computation time and achieve high detection
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