A Short Note On Chronic Anxiety Disorder And Depression

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Chronic Anxiety Paper Mr. Daniel Boyle is a spry 91 year old gentleman who has lived a full life. He was a Merchant Marine, was a MIT trained automotive engineer, and enjoyed chorus line dancing. Four years ago, Mr. Boyle had cataract surgery, but within two years his vision began to decline further. He then stopped driving, he said that it was not that he couldn’t see, but because he felt it was the safer thing to do. Around this same time, two years ago, the Monday after Easter, Mr. Boyle had his first ever panic attack. He has since been diagnosed as having general anxiety disorder and depression. He currently takes a benzodiazepine, and antidepressant, and buspione, but his anxiety persists. His anxiety manifests itself as a general nervousness and worry. Using the Stress and Coping Model we can look at Mr. Boyle’s case using a stress and coping process which encompasses three key elements, which are strain, stressors, and transactions (Segal, Qualls, Smyer, 2011). Strain takes into account both Mr. Boyle’s inner objective and subjective physiological changes and emotional changes, both of which are considered to be his internal stressors (Segal, 2011). The objective and subjective physiological/emotional changes for Mr. Boyle include a his vision changes, his original panic attack, his clinical diagnosis of both depression and general anxiety disorder and his nervousness and worrying, all of which can compromise his immune function leading to poorer health outcomes
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