A Short Note On Chronic Illness Concept Paper

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Chronic Illness Concept Paper Lindsay McCoy St. Lawrence College Chronic Illness Concept Paper According to The Public Health Agency of Canada (2013), mental illness is described as a modification in an individual’s mood, behaviour, and thinking process which is associated with significant distress and impaired mental function. This paper will aim to discuss the information taken from two home visits and using it to determine its effect on the family as a unit. My single concept that is relevant to the family’s experience is the family’s bond throughout the clients challenge with bipolar disorder (BPD). In this case, the chronic disease known as bipolar disorder (also known as manic-depression) are known as mood swings that can last up to days, weeks, or even months. They are generally caused by environmental pressures that surround the individual on a daily basis such as family, work, and social environmental pressures, stress, injury, and/or illness (PHAC, 2009). When a family member is effected by any chronic illness, there is a great impact on the other members of the family. Chronic illnesses can have an extremely stressful effect on individuals that are trying to adapt to these changes, which can also shape the families’ way of coping with the situation as well (Dobbie & Mellor, 2008). Limited Descriptive Review of Literature In the first study Wittenberg, Saada, and Prosser (2013) explore how illness affects family members by using an internet
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